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That is gorgeous! I love it!

Tracy M.

Oh, it's beautiful, I love birds.
What a great giveaway!


Love your pretty bird!

Valerie M

beautiful dream bird

Nicky L

wow what an amazing bird so lifelike!


Thanks for also putting up this list!
I love your dream bird!


Ooh, how pretty! Thanks for the nice giveaway, it's a lovely idea!!


I just found your blog through the swap/giveaway. I love your header! Your dream bird is quite cute too!


I have such trouble with commenting on TypePad. Been trying since 10:30...here's the text:

It's a beautiful bird (well, all birds and bird things are beautiful to me), and, as I've mentioned, a really neat idea for a giveaway! I'm going to try to remember blog about this post today.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

ahhhHHH! We meet again!!! hehe YOU won my crow last year, remember!!! HOW ARE YOU!!!! I'll dream of winning your birdie!!! hehe Come on over to my Jan 19 post and maybe YOU will win a sister to that CRO crow!!!Cawwwwwwww Cawwwwwwwww


I'm glad I got a chance to checkout your lovely artlog! Your creations are awesome!


I love that bird!

Anna S.

What a pretty collage bird. We really can begin to dream again.
Anna S.

P.S. I also liked Defiance. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

Timothy Selig

what a cool giveaway
God bless our troops


what a sweet birdie! i love the thought and inspiration behind this give away! thanks for the opportunity.

Debbie Peysen

Thanks for the list and your beautiful bird.


Robin just stopping by to say how pretty your bird is...I am in the swap so do not include me in your drawing here...


Beautiful bird, glad I checked back here.

Magpie Sue

Wow, thanks for reproducing that whole list of blogs! I'm glad to see that I'm not too late to be entered in your give-away too :- ) I hope you pick my name!


Hi, this is not a comment to take part in your give-away. It is one to tell you you have won in my bird give-away!!! I couldn't find another way of contacting you on your blog. Contact me at murielvanderploeg at planet dot nl with your address.

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